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Healthier Newham

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When Labour entered government in 1997, £34.7 billion was spent on the NHS. Now it has almost trebled to £90.4 Billion. In real terms, this investment has translated into 80,000 more nurses and 30,000 more doctors for the people of Britain, directly improving the service we receive.  The continued improvement of services has meant that our pledge to give all suspected cancer patients the right to see a specialist within two weeks has become a reality for all.

Newham Primary Care Trust now has, as a result of Labour’s investment, a budget of £439,556,000 to provide healthcare for Newham’s population.

Poverty in the borough has had an adverse effect on health of residents but by 2020, we hope that with new investment, we can bring the health of local residents to the same level as other Londoners. Evidence of improvement can be seen by the drastic decline of mortality rates for heart disease and strokes which are the biggest killers in the UK. Deaths per 100,000 have fallen from 152 in 2003 to 136 now.

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