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Crime and ASB

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Crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) are major concerns for residents.  Although crime has fallen in the borough, we're determined to do more to make sure you feel and are safer.  

Our Labour Council has paid for extra police officers which are already out on the beat.  High visibility policing helps crack down on crime and gives people peace of mind.  Next year, we'll be investing an extra £1.8 million to tackle crime locally.  

We also wanted to see local communities having more say over sentencing offenders.  As a result, we took part in a pilot scheme called the Criminal Justice Pilot which does just that.  Last year, over 100 people were sentenced to carry out 4000 hours of unpaid community work.  We're seeing the benefits of this work across the borough.

By March 2011, more than 800 street lights will be upgraded to help make your streets safer.  We'll be using white light lanterns which are energy efficient and brighter - improving light levels and making CCTV cameras more effective at night.  

Newham Council has a dedicated Anti-social behaviour hotline.  If you're experiencing problems, give them a call on 0800 731 3300 or you can email (in an emergency situation, you should always dial 999).   

As ever, we want to hear what you think.  If you've got any comments, concerns or ideas, please get in touch! You can email or get in contact with Robin or your local Councillor directly.      
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