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25 Nov 2009

With the demolition of one of the last housing blocks standing in the area to benefit from the multi-million pound regeneration project, work will soon be underway.

25 Nov 2009

Families who have a history of unemployment will be given help getting out of poverty and into work after the Labour Council won £1.2 million worth of investment from the Government.

31 Oct 2009

Newham's Mayor, Robin Wales, backs the 'Olympic Royal Park' ambition.

04 Oct 2009

Local Primary School set to expand as part of a Government programme aimed at raising standards and providing more activities.

03 Oct 2009

ASB has fallen after the introduction of a street drinking ban in the area.

30 Sep 2009

Community Centres across the borough will see £200,000 of investment to improve facilities.

09 Sep 2009

Labour’s Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, Ed Balls, has welcomed the new or refurbished schools opening this month.

09 Sep 2009

The Tory Works and Pensions Spokeswoman caused outrage by claiming Newham is a 'Welfare Ghetto'

07 Sep 2009

The Tories views are as fictionally as ever by comparing some parts of Britain to the 'The Wire'

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