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Road Rehaul

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26 Aug 2009
As we begin to see the large investment in the borough's parks coming to frution, more apsects of the mayor's promise to make Newham a cleaner, greener and safer borough become clear. East Ham's roads are going to see a wide range of improvements to give residents presentable streets.

Some of the various imrpovements will include:

  • reconstruction of footpaths and pavements in front of the shops
  • some kerbs will be replaced to keep a look of uniformity
  • reconstruction of raised pedestrian crossong at Masterman Road and High Stree South Junction
  • upgrade of existing street lighting
  • renewal of street nameplates
  • provision fr flower hanging baskets on street lighting columns
  • new bins, and;
  • the removal of existing street clutter, eg removal of bollards. signs and any other unwanted street furniture that is cluttering the footpath.

As part of the Labour Council's regeneration plans, Newham is showing it means business. Improving health and education standards, huge investments, from the Stratford City Westfield Shopping Centre to the Olympic park and smaller but vital investments like this shows a local and national government that is pushing up the prospects of East Londerners. More regneration news will follow.

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