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Outrage at Theresa May's 'Ghetto' Tag

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09 Sep 2009
Joblessness has always been a problem in Newham when compared with other parts of the country. With higher amounts of social housing, immigration and poverty, the reasons for this are clear. 

The raising of expectation and skills is critical in getting more people in work but recently Theresa May tagged the long term unemployed of Newham as not wanting to work. 

The recent condemnation of poor boroughs as simply being 'Welfare Ghetto's' is a falsehood. It epitomises the old Tory hostility to any who is poor as being blatantly present in the party's current incarnation. 

People without prospects and opportunities deserve to be given hope, not simply be called scroungers. There is a problem with long term unemployment in the borough, but slashing people's benefits to push them deeper into abject poverty is not an answer.

Sir Robin Wales dismissed what the May said, saying 'The talk of 'welfare ghettos' is a cheap shot at vulnerable who deserve better.'

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