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Newham Council commits to Fair Trade

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05 Jun 2009
Labour-run Newham Council unanimously resolved to aim for the Fairtrade status at last week’s Council meeting – although the Respect/SWP councillors gave their apologies for the meeting, and the two CPA councillors who did bother to turn up left after half an hour. Undaunted by the opposition not taking their jobs seriously, the Labour councillors present had a very interesting debate about the Fairtrade mark, and its ethical, economic and indeed moral implications.

Councillor Neil Wilson said: “I am glad that the Council has agreed to aim towards the Fairtrade Mark. It represents a milestone for the Fairtrade campaign and in the Fair Trade Foundations’s “Fair Trade Towns Initiative.”

The full text of the motion, proposed by Councillor Neil Wilson, appears below: “Newham Council resolves to contribute to the campaign to increase sales of products with the FAIRTRADE Mark by striving to achieve Fair Trade status for Newham Council as detailed in the Fair Trade Foundation’s Fair Trade Towns Initiative. The initiative involves a commitment to:-

  • Widely offer FAIRTRADE Marked food and drink options internally and make them available for internal meetings
  • Promote the FAIRTRADE Mark using Fair Trade Foundation materials in refreshment areas and promoting the Fair Trade Towns initiative in internal and communications and external newsletters
  • Support local retailers to provide Fair Trade options for residents
  • Support local business to offer Fair Trade options to their staff and promote the FAIRTRADE Mark internally
  • Engage in a media campaign to publicise the Fair Trade Towns initiative
  • Allocate responsibility for progression of the Fair Trade Town initiative to a member or group of staff
  • Organise events and publicity during national Fair Trade Fortnight - the annual national campaign to promote sales of products with the FAIRTRADE Mark.”


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