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Independence Day

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17 Aug 2009
On the 14th and 15th of August a flag raising ceremony was held at the Town Hall to mark the anniversary of Pakistan's and India's independence. Members from both communities were present at the event.

The national anthems were played as the crowds recognised the end of Imperial rule and the birth of nations that so many of Newham's residents feel connected to. It was a perfect example of the diversity and cohesion that is seen in the borough. 

Cllr Bowden explained: "We fly the flags in recognition of the cohesion that exists amongst our communities", adding: "We celebrate diversity in Newham and are very proud of the fact that so many communities live together in harmony.''

Labour has continually attempted to respect ethnic diversity while encouraging cohesion. Newham is a prime example of communites living and working in co-operation. The very the make-up of the local party demonstrates the cohesion of diversity for a common cause. It is through co-operation that change is possible. 

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