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Dockers Commemorated

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25 Aug 2009
The idea was originally mooted some ten years ago by former dockers and many attended the event where the statue was finally unveiled. Johnny Ringwood, a former docker, spoke at the ceremony saying how he first came up with the idea after visiting Sheffield and seeing a statue of steelworkers that recognised the sites former use. 

Johnny's friend, Wally Taylor, created the original model with the artist Lee Johnson creating the final sculpture. Johnny and Wally started a vigorous fundraising campaign that raised a whopping £250,000 for the project. Donators included the former director of ExCel, Ian Shearer, the Transport and General Workers Union and the Queen Mother.

Standing at 9ft high, the statue is one of the largest figurative statues in London and one that Johnny hopes can make 'future generations are as proud of their heritage as we are'.

The event was also attended by the Mayor, numerous councillors and VIPs with connections to the project. 

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