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08 Nov 2010

"Cameron's big idea is nothing of the sort. Far from being a 'revolution' it is simply a belated acceptance of Labour’s plans for smarter government." - Liam Byrne
02 Nov 2010

“This new research reinforces the risks the Government are taking with growth and jobs" - Alexander
28 Oct 2010

Just when action to promote jobs and growth is essential, the Government has shown it has no real plan for regional growth.
28 Oct 2010

Labour joins forces with DUP, Plaid Cymru and the SDLP to oppose rushed Parliamentary Voting Systems and Constituencies Bill.
26 Oct 2010

The Government has a plan to cut one million jobs, but no plan to support the private sector - Johnson
25 Oct 2010

Leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband's speech to the CBI
25 Oct 2010

Reports across the weekend press have revealed the extent to which the Government is backtracking on its promises to protect NHS funding, improve cancer care and cut waiting times.
22 Oct 2010

A really concerning early sign of the impact of the Spending Review on policing in our country – Ed Balls
21 Oct 2010

George Osborne’s Spending Review continued to unravel today as the Institute for Fiscal Studies took apart his claims to be fair and progressive.
21 Oct 2010

Alan Johnson MP, Labour's Shadow Chancellor, today said George Osborne’s job cut plans could cost the taxpayer £8bn.
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