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Council House Rent Cuts

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26 Aug 2009
Although we maybe slowly moving out of the recession, the worries and problems of ordinary people are not so easily alleviated as that of the banking sector. Times are still hard for many who must watch every penny they spend and new government plans to reduce rent increases will be welcome for council house tenants everywhere.

The expected rise of 6.2 % will be reduced to 3.1% as to help people facing tough times. Sir Robin 

Sir Robin said: 'Newham has many council tenants, and we have already frozen Council Tax to help them. The borough has played an important role lobbying ministers to look again at the level of rent increase. 
'I applaud the government for the way it has listened to our concerns. I’m pleased councils have had their voices heard and that housing minister Margaret Beckett has taken exceptional action to help council tenants this year.

'The Government knows that council tenants are being hit hard by the recession. They are not fat cat bankers with multi-million pound pensions to rely on; these are real people who, when times are hard, look to councils and the Government to give them a helping hand.'

The council is waiting to the exact details of the plans to be announced before they decide to proceed.

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