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Tories Talking Britain Down

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07 Sep 2009
Chris Grayling, the man who wants to be Britain's Home Secretary has compared Britain’s streets to those of a city in an American TV programme, 'The Wire', in which hundreds of people are shot and killed every year.

This is not the first time Chris Grayling, the Shadow Home Secretary, has used sensationalist comparisons with TV programmes to get his name in the papers -  in the past he has dismissed half of Britain for belonging to a ‘Jeremy Kyle’ culture or a ‘Shameless’ society.

Responding to the Tory claims, Alan Johnson MP, Labour's Home Secretary said:

“Chris Grayling should be praising the police for continued reduction in gun-related offences, rather than talking Britain down.

"The connection between The Wire and Chris Grayling’s grasp on the problems of modern Britain is that they’re both fictional.

“The serious problems being tackled in our communities will not be diminished by his embarrassing habit of making glib references to television programmes that he thinks will make him sound 'cool'.”

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