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My Contract With You

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Newham Labour Party
Our pledges to YOU

Council Tax freeze
This has been frozen for the 6th year running. Labour
will aim to continue to have the lowest Council Tax in
outer London and we will aim to keep it frozen over
the next 4 years.

License landlords
Labour will continue to reduce anti-social behaviour
and improve accommodation in the private rented
sector by licensing all privately rented properties.

Building homes
Labour will build a minimum of 3,000 Homes for
rent and buy at least 500 existing properties with
a target of ensuring half of them have some rental
subsidy, meaning they will be genuinely affordable
to local people, within the next 10 years.

Your family
Labour will work with our schools to continue the
excellent improvements in exam results. Continue
Free School Meals for Primary School Children,
Every Child a Musician programme giving 3 years free
tuition, Every Child a Reader providing 1:1 tuition, and
Every Child a Sportsperson schemes giving children
the opportunity to try 20 different sports.

Our older residents

Labour will continue to fully fund the Freedom Pass
providing free travel on public transport, including
buses, Tube, trains and Docklands Light Railway.

Local policing
Labour will continue to tackle crime and anti-social
behaviour and crack down on those who abuse our
streets. We will also ensure we have a dedicated
enforcement officer in each ward.

Getting residents into work
Labour will continue to invest heavily in Workplace
which has been massively successful getting 20,000
Newham residents into work – nearly 15,000 in the
past three years alone.

Streets and lighting
Labour will invest an extra £4 million in each of the
next 4 years to improve our roads, pavements and
lighting. Making Newham look better and feel safer.
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