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Name:        Ellie Robinson
Position:    Chair

Hi, my name is Ellie.  I've been a member of the Party since I was 18 and have lived in Newham all of my life.  I take an active role in local politics sitting on the EC for West Ham and as the secretary of my local ward.  I have worked for both local MP's and interned at the Treasury.  I have a degree from the LSE in Social Policy.  My dissertation was on how effective New Labour policies to improve the life chances of young people have been.  I used young people in Newham as a case study and evaluated programmes such as the New Deal for Young People and the Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA).

I worked for two years for the local charity Community Links, running Youth Clubs and Play Schemes.  This opened my eyes to the various and numerous disadvanatages experienced by young people and also the wealth of talent, aspiration and understanding young people have of possible solutions.  Newham Young Labour will hopefully provide a forum for addressing these disadvantages and a platform to work with the local party to create further progressive change.

I am proud and fortunate to be living in the borough where the Labour Party was founded and which now has the youngest population in Europe.  I hope NYL can act as a bridge between young people and the Party; heightening understanding of party politics, increasing membership, assisting in campaigns and lobbying on issues affecting us.  I hope we can assist the party to listen to suggestions and engage in discussion on possible policy solutions, making Newham a place where all young people can realise their full potential. 

Name:        David Christie
Position:    Chair

Hi I'm David and I'm very happy to have been elected as one of the joint chairs of NYL.  I've lived in Newham my whole life and last summer I graduated from Bristol University.  I'm 23 and I currently work for Transport for London.  I joined the Labour Party at 15 and went to the odd meeting and delivered a few leaflets.  But, I really got actively involved at university.  I became chair of Bristol University Labour Club, where we supported the local party, held some great events and increased membership. 

Since being back from university I've got involved in Newham more, helping to arrange a successful leaflet programme and coffee morning with Stephen TImms MP in Beckton.  I also campaigned in the Royal Docks by-election.  I'm interested in the community and policy side of politics and did an internship with Margaret Hodge MP.  My ambition for Newham is to get more young people involved in its future and to keep it a Tory free borough. 

I'm really excited to be working with young political people in Newham and I am so impressed with the range of skills and experiences our members have. 

Name:        Sean Greene
Position:    Secretary

My name is Sean.  I live in Leigh Road, East Ham and have done for most of my life.  I've been a member of the Labour Party since November 2008 and a member of NYL since soon after that.

Although I haven't been a member long I've managed to get quite a bit of experience, mostly through Newham Young Labour events.  I have been involved with every Newham Young Labour event/meeting so far including the launch event with David Lammy MP.  I have also volunteered at a coffee morning with the local MP, as well as canvassing in the recent Royal Docks by-election.

I did also, albeit unsuccessfully, stand as the East Area Rep for London Young Labour and I have attended a couple of their events including a policy forum on the economy. 

My main aim is to help make Newham Young Labour a stronger and broader ranging organisation by supporting the Chairs as much as possible, whether this be by helping to organise events or sorting out admin for the group. 

Name:        Syed Chowdhury
Position:    Events Officer

I'm a Project Manager and developer for Enlight Studios (a creative firm). I also hold three offices for The Young Muslims UK: London Coordinator, National General Secretary and Head of Membership Services and Communications. 

Name:        Samantha Aidoo
Position:    BME Officer

Name:        Jessie Robinson
Position:    Women's Officer

Name:        Rizwan Ali
Position:    Communications Officer

Name:        Shiraz Ahmed
Position:    Treasurer
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